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About Me

I started out my life with the intention of being a professional actress. However, having already been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian disease) at the age of 14, I was in debilitating pain for many days out of the month. When I arrived in Los Angeles at the age of 25, the whirlwind lifestyle of an actress (working two jobs, going to parties, meetings and more parties) took its toll on me.

After three years, my physical issues compounded. I started getting frequent migraines and then came the kidney stones and the bilateral hernias. All of these ailments went undiagnosed for over three years due to the limitations in our healthcare system. It wasn’t until I changed my diet and lifestyle that real lasting changes began to occur.

One full year after I quit eating meat and dairy, and instead focused my diet on water dense, raw foods, my kidney stones resolved and my PCOS became a thing of the past! My migraines went away after month six and soon my skin cleared up, as well. After the first year of eating a clean, anti-inflammatory diet, I became passionate about showing others what I attributed to saving my life. This led me back to school to become a certified Metabolic Detox Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach.

With six years of experience introducing the principles of Clean Bodies to thousands of people, I can say with certainty that educating individuals and families in nutrition is a need that has gone unanswered for too long. Our country faces a growing epidemic of obesity, autism, autoimmune disorders and of course, cancers. Without an integrated medical system that focuses on proper diet and lifestyle choices, we will watch these degenerative illnesses continue to rise. What Clean Bodies offers is a personalized curriculum dedicated to each individual’s needs and learning style. These programs help to facilitate an understanding of nutritional science and the overall effect it has on the biochemistry of our human body. Armed with this knowledge, you too will soon be on the road to improved mental and physical well being.

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