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After a long, confusing and down right terrifying experience since being diagnosed with lupus in 2015 I have been on the hunt of my healing path. I have spoken to doctors, Dieticans, Naturopaths, an iridologist, a kinesiologist and other health “gurus” to try to make sense of my condition. All of these people confused me further and made me feel anxious as I simply had no idea what to do. Lauren was such a breath of fresh air compared to these “professionals” (worst being NHS dieticians) as she actually explained the cause and provided clear methods of healing that actually made sense!

She was an absolute gem for me when I was going through such a rough time. Her energy, enthusiasm and playful attitude really relaxed me and made healing seem fun, exciting and possible. Her advice was explained well, instructions simple and goals clear. I only wish I found her sooner!

Sophie A.

I’ve always been a health nut, but really took it a step further when I found Lauren Eisman from Clean Bodies. I started making my own food like almond milk, chocolate pudding, yogurts, etc.

Once I incorporated more raw foods and got away from processed junk, gluten, dairy, sugar, etc I started feeling MUCH better. TMI, but my periods are AMAZING now! Used to have horrible knock me out for a day periods…not anymore!!!!

REAL FOOD is the way to go…will never go back. Thank you!!!

Brooke R.

I was in need of help to get rid of the pain, bloating, bodily disfunction and emotional upset I was plagued with every day. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was feeling pretty desperate to turn things around. One day I saw a post on facebook from Lauren and I started messaging her. We set a time to talk and the things she told me blew my mind! I didn’t think that my problems could possibly be resolved by changing what I put in my mouth, yet here I sit telling you that she changed my entire life in 1 short month. I started out being emotionally unstable, having lots of joint pain, belly bloating, excess weight gain, lack of energy, very poor sleep and no ability to smile or be nice to anyone.

Within a few days of really giving myself to her program, there was much that had begun to change! Now, thanks to Lauren, I lost about 30 pounds, I have a much better life and I am very in tune with my body, how it changes and how to take care of myself.

Without her guidance I would still be flailing in the dark, searching for answers. Raw is real! Thank you Lauren!

Kristofer K.

On Oct. 25 I posted that I was starting Clean Bodies with Lauren Eisman as my mentor. My starting weight was 146-147. I was disgusted with myself my body and frustrated first and foremost with my health!
I had tried everything to lose weight for my wedding: phentermine, nutrisystem, P90X, Running on the Threadmill and even a personal trainer!

Then I went to the drastic Master Cleanse which worked but made me not feel so good. As of today I weigh 134-136 (if I lean forward it says more lol) after meeting the wonder that is Lauren, by inboxing her saying “I think you can save my life” .I met up with her at a whole foods and since then she has helped me so much!! I don’t need anxiety meds. I do the 15minutes 3x’s a day on the rebounder she suggested and it is a cinch. Put your ipod on No Doubt “Settle Down” is 6 minutes, Christina Aguilera “FIGHTER” 5:22 “Keep singing my Song” 6:29 Done!

I use the rebounder because it is also the best stress reliever. I was the biggest insomniac that ever lived… I thought I was nocturnal. But all i had to do was follow her instructions, which were designed so I didn’t have to think! We now have a wonderful personal relationship.

WE all need to learn how to eat to live and stay healthier. I have such a clearer mind and so much more energy. It sure is a prayer come true! As my biological father and my BFF Jovi Castillo & Olivia DeLeon said to me Thank you Jesus for putting her in your journey!”

Candi M.

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