Nutrition Training

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Nutrition Training

There is a science behind nutrition. There are ways in which our bodies respond when we give it the correct fuel, and ways it responds when we give it the wrong fuel.

Discover the very simple chemistry of nutrition, in a manner that is thorough and easy to understand with the aid of the Clean Bodies’ Guide To Eating Clean!


A Clean Bodies© Consultant will visit your home, where the kitchen will be the primary focus. A complete tour of your food and drinks will give the consultant the necessary information about your current diet wants and needs.


After the Kitchen Tour, follows a detailed explanation of what items are “best” to purchase from your local market, creating a consistent pattern of food purchases. This is where most of the nutrition training happens: WHY and HOW foods affect us.


You will receive a Clean Bodies Guide that covers over 12 essential topics regarding how the chemistry of nutrition affects the biochemistry of our human body. During these discussions, we will go over each section of the guide.

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Nutrition Training
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