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Our amazing kidneys: What you need to know

In reality, it’s likely that you don’t think too much about your kidneys. In fact many people are not certain about their size, or what they do “exactly” – or too, where they are actually located. Our kidneys play a crucial role in maintaining our health but are...

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Vitamin C kills tumor cells with hard-to-treat mutation

Maybe Linus Pauling was on to something after all. Decades ago the Nobel Prize–winning chemist was relegated to the fringes of medicine after championing the idea that vitamin C could combat a host of illnesses, including cancer. Now, a study published online today in...

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Fighting Cancer By Putting Tumor Cells On A Diet

Cancer dogma holds that most malignancies are caused by DNA mutations inside the nuclei of cells, mutations that ultimately lead to runaway cellular proliferation. Given the countless genetic blips that have been associated with various cancers, the illness has...

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More Salt In School Lunch, Less Nutrition Info On Menus

The Trump administration has said it wants to remove burdensome regulation, and on Monday it served up a taste of what that looks like when it comes to two aspects of food policy: school lunch and calorie labels on menus. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced a...

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Hormetic Dietary Phytochemicals

Compelling evidence from epidemiological studies suggest beneficial roles of dietary phytochemicals in protecting against chronic disorders such as cancer, and inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases. Emerging findings suggest that several dietary phytochemicals also...

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